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Unlocking Safety, Privacy, and Peace of Mind. Your Control, Your Rules.

When protecting personal and professional spaces is paramount, security systems are the frontline defense against unauthorized access. Among these protective measures, access control systems stand out.

At Wesley Chapel Lock & Key, we take door access control services to a new level.

Access Control Systems


Door access control systems are electronic systems designed to control who can enter a physical environment. Different access control installation services best fit different environments, depending on the level of security required and the number of people accessing the area.

Key Card Systems


Key card systems operate by issuing a card or badge to authorized individuals. When a user presents the card to a reader near the door, the system verifies the information and grants or denies access depending on predetermined permissions.

Biometric Systems


Biometric systems guarantee a higher level of security by using unique physical characteristics, including fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition. These systems ensure that access is granted only to individuals whose biometric information matches that in the system’s database.

PIN Code Systems


PIN code systems require individuals to enter a personal identification number (PIN) into a keypad to gain access. This method is straightforward but relies on users keeping their PIN confidential.

Mobile Access Systems


Mobile access systems have become increasingly popular with the growing reliance on smartphones. These systems use a smartphone app or a mobile key to unlock doors.

Why Get Access Control Security Services?

Door knobs, locks, and keys have served us well for centuries, but they have their limitations that we can’t ignore. With access control security services, homeowners and businesses can reap numerous benefits.

Access Control Security Services

Enhanced Security


Losing, copying, and stealing traditional keys is easy. In contrast, access control systems, especially biometric and mobile access options, are much more complex to bypass or duplicate, providing a more secure barrier.

Customizable Access Levels


Access control systems have the flexibility to set different access levels for different individuals. You can tailor access based on roles, responsibilities, or clearance levels.

Audit Trails


These systems keep detailed records of who enters and exits a location and what time, adding a layer of accountability.

Low Maintenance and Convenience


Once set up, access control systems require minimal maintenance. Additionally, the convenience of using a mobile device or a key card eliminates the need to carry around keys.

Cost-Effective Security Solution


While the initial setup of an access control system may involve some investment, over time, reducing the need for physical keys, changing locks, or dealing with the consequences of security breaches can save significant amounts of money.

Wesley Chapel Lock & Key Access Control Services


Homeowners and businesses can trust Wesley Chapel Lock & Key for top-notch access control security services.

  • Wireless Electronic System Installation


A wireless setup provides a cleaner and less intrusive installation process and offers enhanced flexibility and scalability for future upgrades or expansions. Our access control system installation services include the seamless setting up of wireless electronic systems at the forefront of modern security solutions.

  • Existing System Maintenance


Our commitment to your security continues after a successful installation. Our comprehensive access control system services include maintenance of your existing systems, ensuring that your access control solutions continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Wireless Access Sales


At Wesley Chapel Lock & Key, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and secure products that integrate seamlessly with existing systems in homes and businesses.

  • Wireless HID Card


The wireless HID card is a pivotal component in our suite of access control systems services. We epitomize the blend of convenience and security, utilizing radio frequency technology for secure, contactless entry.

Service Beyond Wesley Chapel: Land O Lakes, Lutz, Tampa


Security has never been more paramount in the dynamically growing areas of Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Lutz, and Tampa. Wesley Chapel Lock & Key serves these communities with the latest access control technology and solutions.

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who stay updated on the latest technologies and practices. We invest in training and development to give our customers the best service.

Customized Solutions

Whether you prefer a traditional key-based system, biometric access control, or wireless electronic systems, our team can customize solutions for your unique needs and budget.

Outstanding Customer Service

Wesley Chapel Lock & Key promises to support you every step of the way, from the initial security consultation to installation and maintenance.

Local Presence

Being a local business, we have an in-depth understanding of the security needs of our community. Our proximity allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests.

Take Control of Your Security With Wesley Chapel Lock & Key


Security has never been more assured, efficient, and convenient. Wesley Chapel Lock & Key is your go-to source for all your access control system needs. Contact us at 813-296-0777 for a consultation.

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